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    Foundation of Brand Becquer

    Becquer Energy is a private sector solar roofs developer company, founded in Singapore after its founder was invited to the United Nations Assembly on Sustainable Development Goals where all member nations have agreed achieve clean energy for their consumption. In India, its team addresses the market for solar rooftop systems, solar modules, heaters and has a project arm called Factory, that designs, installs and maintains solar systems for houses, factories and institutions. The company consists primarily of engineers schooled in the entire spectrum from mechanical to electrical to economics and finance. They have previously worked in manufacturing firms like Audi , Volkswagen and consumer goods firms like P&G. The pan-India operations of Becquer, have been financed by DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) , Citibank N.A and Bank of Baroda. Its board consists of members who have designed the National Apprenticeship Program for the Government of India, that is very crucia l for new sectors like renewable energy to flourish. It has recently been recognized as the "Most Promising Brands " of 2018 by Economic Times in the energy category , that belongs to the most circulated newspaper, The Times of India.

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    How do we work at Becquer?

    Consisting of a team with technical backgrounds and genuine interest in the field of renewable energy, we undertake and execute projects that employ solar technology. Our work ranges from installing a 100 kW solar system for schools, colleges, recreational clubs, to working on MW scale rooftop projects for manufacturing units and warehouses, to working with street vendors in tier 1 and tier 2 cities to get automatic solar LED lamps that are portable, allowing them to sell their produce in the night as well. Whenever we work on a project, we take end to end responsibility of designing, procuring and delivering it as explained below.

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    Our Approach

    Whether we work on a small project for solar lights or a medium scale solar rooftop system, we pursue it with equal interest as every small action towards clean energy would sum up to a big impact in the future. To learn about our projects and products,please refer to the other sections.

Project Selection

Depending on your objectives in terms of social impact, financial goals, quality, warranty and timeline, we help analyse the best suited type of project models and corresponding products like modules or heaters, taking into account several factors including location, income levels, climate, roof types, extremity of temperature, etc. All Becquer products are made to tier 1 quality standards
with customizable parameters like operating temperature, incident
power tolerance, glass reflection, etc.

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When we do costing for our projects, we keep it relevant to the context of the project and sector. For example, our sessions in schools on the benefit of solar are non profit centres whereas projects delivered for commercial customers do entail a margin. Our pricing is transparent and easy to understand, and our quotations are valid for a period that is tied to your project delivery timeline. We also provide models and tools that aid in the value creation analysis where a project developer can measure various implications.


Project Delivery

Once all details of the project are discussed and finalized, our team takes care of the delivery of materials and manpower to execute the projects on ground. We may ask for advise on certain local nuances to find the most efficient way of doing a task. Below are some of our key product offerings:


Puncture-Free Solar Roofs

Becquer team conceptualizes, design and builds solar power system on the rooftops for schools, colleges, factories, warehouses, etc. Irrespective of the project type, the system is designed for maximizing the power space efficiency, given the space constraints in most projects. The efficiency of the solar module is between 19%-20%, with a performance ratio of 81% and above. The modules used have a power rating ranging from 340 W to 500 W, with the 375 W variant being used mostly. The picture below shows the one of the key projects engineered by Becquer, where the solar roof is capable of withstanding over 250 kmph of wind load, without any parapet wall around it or without any puncturing of the roof, that prevents any sort of water leakage.


Solar Cells & Modules

Becquer custom designs the modules for specific project needs across utility and rooftop segment. After coming off the manufacturing line, the panels undergo testing in Singapore and the warranties are issued under Singapore Law. Apart from the industry standard 25 year warranty on the output, the workmanship warranty is offered for 25 years, simply because a panel can only generate energy if it's in a working condition. The picture below represents a particular type of module that is shade tolerant, and the yellow and blue color are meant to indicate that even if one half of the module is shaded, the other half continues to operate independently. You can refer to the Modules page for more information.

Solar Water Heaters

A solar heater is a straightforward system that uses the heat from the Sun to warm up water or a HTF (heat transfer fluid) that in turn warms the water. Such heaters have been in existence for over 100 years due their engineering simplicity. However, as the topic of climate change has taken the center stage now, their use has become more attractive. Some typical uses of it are as follows:

Residential Commercial Industrial
Lighting, ACs, Heaters for Bathing or Swimming pool Changing Rooms, Water parks, Cleaning, Car Wash, Laundromats, Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels Textiles, Chemicals, Food and Beverage, Automotive, Metal Coating, Cashew Industry

For a more comprehensive explanation, please read the attached document: Becquer Solar Water Heaters™.Download


There are 4 main components, namely collector, water tank, pumps and valves/controllers. There are many different configurations possible; the choice of design will depend on the purpose of the system, climate, space limitations and many other factors. The most complicated system is the anti-freeze system requiring propylene glycol as the anti-freeze agent, expansion tanks, temperature sensors, pressure relief and/or heat dumps.

Minute Wise Shadow Analysis

A minute wise shadow analysis of each day of year makes it possible to visualize and analyze the impact of shading caused due to the big permanent buildings or towers nearby that may obstruct the Sunlight and reduce the output from the solar cells. This factoring is important while predicting the practical output from the solar roofs or ground mounted plants. This is for the section where the shadow video is there.



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